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One can hardly say new discovery with almost 6000 years of viticulture tradition, but from the point of view of modern viticulture that is probably true.

This is what traditional winemaking in Cyprus looked like: Traditions

After centuries of traditional cultivation and expansion with an emphasis on quantity, the landscape of producers in Cyprus and their focus have changed significantly in the last 20 years. Today internationally recognized wines of the highest quality are produced in modern cellars. With all modernity, such as the latest cellar technology, very well-trained young, committed winemakers have not forgotten where their origins lie.

Traditions such as the care of the autochthonous grape varieties (Xynisteri, Maratheftiko) and a modern wine cellar produce international top-quality wines. In addition, there is the luck that Cyprus has been completely spared from wine pests and therefore unadulterated wines can be produced in harmony with nature without chemical pollution. Since the use of so-called prop vines is not necessary, you will find vines here with genes that have remained unchanged for centuries. In the vineyards, which are often over 600m above sea level, sometimes up to 1500m high, the producers make optimal use of the warm sea climate.

The list of awards has been growing every year since 2002. Wine drinkers, wine connoisseurs and the relevant wine press are increasingly enthusiastic. Regardless of which of the international competitions, a representative from Cyprus is always at the top. 90-95 / 100 points are almost a set result.

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